We’re not currently able to answer every question, but here are a few frequently asked questions that we can address.

Is this a new church or an extension of Christ Fellowship of Tampa?
Christ Fellowship of Carrollwood is going to operate under the same vision and mission as Christ Fellowship of Tampa. As a new expression of Christ Fellowship, the Carrollwood church will be experiencing most of the same things that have come to be expected of the church in Seminole Heights.

Who will be preaching at the Carrollwood church?
The job of preaching will be handled by several teaching pastors from Christ Fellowship of Tampa, but the primary responsibility will belong to Matt Cochran.  He and his wife plan to devote a lot of their time to heading up this new project.

Where will the new church be located?
This is one of those questions we can’t quite answer yet. It’s not because we don’t know the answer, but because we don’t want to give out any information that isn’t set in stone or could easily change. Once we start to make information public, we want it to be correct information.

When are you starting?
We have begun to meet in several settings. A men’s group meets every Wednesday morning in Panera on N. Dale Mabry at 6:30am and a core group of people has started meeting (though not regularly yet) in homes.

Can I come to Christ Fellowship in Carrollwood if I don’t live in Carrollwood?
Of course you can! Christ Fellowship of Tampa is incredibly diverse, with people from all over Tampa and the surrounding areas. We expect the Carrollwood church to be the same way. There will be people from all races, neighborhoods, and economic levels becoming a part of Christ Fellowship in Carrollwood.

Why is Christ Fellowship of Tampa starting another church?
We believe it’s our mission to reach our neighborhood with the Good News of Jesus Christ. That’s why we’ll be starting new expressions of Christ Fellowship in more neighborhoods of Tampa in the coming months and years. Carrollwood is (God-willing) the first of many local neighborhood churches aiming towards this goal.


We’ll continue adding more answers. Keep checking back here for updates.